Customer Service and Pre-Owned Product Policy


At Extraudio, customer satisfaction and peace of mind are our priorities, whether you purchase a new, upgraded, or second-hand product.

We pride ourselves on doing two things exceptionally well: creating products with our distinctive sound and providing first-class customer service. We take our relationship with you very seriously.

Dear customer: By owning an Extraudio product, you not only acquire a handcrafted masterpiece that will offer you an unparalleled musical experience, but you also join our exclusive club of Extraudio users, whom we deeply value.

To ensure your maximum satisfaction, we offer the following services:

1. Post-Purchase Service and Adjustments:

If your product requires service or adjustment, Extraudio will take care of repairing it and returning it prepaid to ensure it meets our strict quality control and all specifications, functioning perfectly.

2. Updates and Upgrades:

If you need to add inputs, outputs, update firmware, or incorporate new functionalities, you can request these upgrades at any time through your local distributor. The prices for upgrades are available at Extraudio or through your local distributor.

3. Upgrade Program:

If you decide to invest in a new and more advanced product, we recommend staying within the Extraudio family. You can trade in your old product for a new and superior one through our official distributors, who will offer you an appraisal for upgrading your product. This way, you can enjoy a new product without taking unnecessary risks.

4. Second-Hand Service:

If you sell your Extraudio product on the second-hand market, we offer a special service program that includes quality and functionality control for the new owner. During the transaction, the product can be sent to our laboratory or to a local Extraudio distributor. There it will be inspected, updated, tested, calibrated, and repaired if necessary, and then sent to the new owner with a quality control certificate and an official 3-year warranty. Additionally, new packaging will be provided if necessary, all for an additional fee. Both the seller and the buyer can rest assured, knowing the transaction will be satisfactory for both parties. Our goal is for your Extraudio product to continue providing satisfaction as if it were new. Vacuum tubes are excluded from the official three-year warranty as they are consumables.

NOTICE: The warranty for Extraudio products is not directly transferable if you sell your product second-hand without using our Extraudio technical services or those of an official distributor.

Your experience and peace of mind as a user of our Extraudio products are most important to us.

Welcome to the excellence of sound and service.

Extraudio products are both unique and exclusive, hand-made and long-lasting, beautiful works of art for audiophiles.

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