Optional HP-1 MM Phono Preamp Analogue, Pure Class A

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Optional MM Phono Preamp Analogue, Pure Class A
The new concept of a minimalist phono preamp MM, it is a exclusive, simple and innovative module for MM cartridges, with a single power stage.
This module is compatible with Extraudio models, XP1 preamplifier and the X250 integrated amplifier from the Orange series and the Chromed series.

In this Phono Preamplifier PH1, we feel like we’ ve done it again ,following always our ”less is more” mantra. This proves that pieces which form a High-End Audio product don’t have to necessarly be grandiose or contain esoteric components to achieve and enjoy an analogic sound, that must be wide, spacial, natural, honest and trustworthy.

The PH1 is our most discrete option, and we have developed an enourmous sound throught it. We have also got in the ring against the big Preamplifier phones from the today’s market and the feeling is always the same. The PH1 exceeds them all and there’s only one truth: “electronics are not that important, in fact the most important thing is to empathize with the rigorousness of the audiophile individual and centralize the creative process among them to reach excelency, putting aside what or which technology we are using and focusing on the details.”

In Extraudio we’re just concerned about one thing, how can we give pure freedom to the sound, so our audiophile’s senses can get back to the romanticism when reusing our vinyl records with this tiny electronic piece of art and consequently rediscover our records. We shall not forget that our passion as audiophile’s is to go beyond the representation and the restitution of the original direct sound in our listening rooms.

Enjoy the music.


Frequency response:
9Hz to > 29Khz

Noise level:

Dynamic range:

Total harmonic distorsion / THD:
THD: 0,009%



Maximun input signal:

Input Capacitance:

Input Load:
47,5K Ohms

Phono Input MM:
RCA Unbalanced

These pre-specifications are subject be changed without notice.
EXTRAUDIO, BV The Netherlands