Premium Integrated Amplifier X250 Pure Class AD

Extraudio a different concept focused on satisfying the experience of the audiophile.
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Premium Integrated Amplifier X250 Extraudio Pure Class AD Brochure (868 Kb)
Premium Integrated Amplifier X250 Extraudio Pure Class AD USER MANUAL (775Kb)

Why a Premium version?
In music, Silences are as important as sounds.
This Premium version contributes to the reproduction more silence, more extra dynamics, it extracts more micro details and nuances of the recorded music and much more…

Extraudio Premium Integrated Amplifier X250 Pure Class AD

Our X250 class AD Premium integrated amplifier consists of the complete XP1 preamplifier combined with the class D power stage, But modified and improved by Extraudio to improve class D and turn it into a musical. The unparalleled synergy of this combination further accentuates the live sound of Extraudio; it delivers 200watts of highly efficient power into 8 ohms per channel.

The X250 Premium integrated amplifier delivers the warm, velvety tone of a valve amplifier added to the clean, punchy sound of a class AD amplifier making it a great musical all-rounder of outstanding class in every sense of the word.

This Premium integrated amplifier, just like any Extraudio product, captures the musician’s intentions and reproduces each and every one of the nuances of the music rapidly, smoothly, and with a warm, velvety sound; it is macro detailed but without sounding aggressive or producing listening fatigue – you will want to keep turning up the volume.

The X250 Premium integrated amplifier offers us the characteristic Extraudio sound; extremely powerful while retaining all the nuances. It’s a great allrounder.
It allows you to perceive every detail of the recording and rediscover all your favourite discs.

For balanced inputs and outputs and for galvanic isolation, we use audiophile grade transformers. The windings are arranged to give perfect symmetry if the transformer is used in input and output applications. The two coil structure also greatly improves immunity to external magnetic fields from power supplies and motors. Primary and secondary windings are separated by electrostatic shields. The transformer is housed in a mu-metal can.

This product includes our exclusive remote control, more information.


Of the 6 analogue inputs, the PHONO input has been designed for the installation of the optional phono stage with optional mobile magnet, HP-1, which allows the connection of a turntable with MM cartridge.
The new concept of a minimalist phono preamp MM, it is a exclusive, simple and innovative module for MM cartridges, with a single power stage, but with a surprising result, with analog and real sound.
Phono MM preamplifier HP-1 option, more information.

Customer Opinion:

We have auditioned our new Extraudio class AD amplifiers in the homes of some of our clients and they have told us: “I never knew that my speakers could sound like that. The Extraudio amp has shown just how good my speakers are. And to think that I was just about to change them but with this Class AD amp I have seen their full potential.”

Extraudio – a different concept focused on satisfying audiophile needs.
Extraudio products are unique, handmade and exclusive. They are assembled by hand and can be customized and adjusted to the sound preferred by the user. These products have an authentic, clean sound.

NOTE: All Extraudio products are handmade by craftsmen and can be customized to fit like a tailor-made suit. We undertake a study of the client’s musical preferences and the rest of his or her equipment in order to make a complete adjustment to obtain the synergy and the sound that the listener is seeking.

All Extraudio products are unique, none is the same as another, but its characteristic sound is the same, when made by hand we can adjust them to the limit, we use balanced thermionic valves and matched pair, to adjust each channel manually, each product is adjusted by hand and one by one for a perfect stereo feel.

In these PREMIUM versions we still fine-tune and dedicate more hours to this pairing and tuning.
Don’t hesitate to request more information about our upgrades and accessories.

We work in reverse in Extraudio. We do not take costs or economics of scale into consideration. What we do is to prioritize our clients and the music. This is our philosophy and our greatest differentiating factor.
Our secret is to maintain a very low annual output of our products in order to be able to adjust them perfectly and to dispose of enough time to examine all the details and thus create an exclusive product.
Thus, we can offer the quality an audiophile demands, forgetting about costs and working to achieve quality and an authentic live sound. All the electronic components are selected and matched by hand choosing only those of the highest quality, with the best thermal properties and the most durable that are available on the market. This is our great struggle against inefficient energy and programmed obsolescence.


Frequency response:
0,5Hz to > 350Khz +0 -1db
Low Frequency: -0,20db 0.5Hz
High Frequency: -0,24db 350kHz

Noise level dynamic range / dBA:
Premium version: > 120db

Total harmonic distorsion / THD:
THD+N: 0,008% @ 1W (8 Ohm, 1Khz)

Main output: 12dB Balanced output, 6dB RCA output.
Processor AV input: 0dB RCA and XLR output.

Analog inputs / Input impedance:
4 pairs unbalanced RCA + 1 Pair Balanced XLR + Processor AV (RCA and XLR connectors)
120K ohms Balanced, 60K ohms RCA Inputs (6): PHONO, CD, TUNER, AUX (RCA).

Maximum input:

Separation of stereo channels: > -80dB.

Volume (ALPS Motorized, controlled by microcontroller), Select Input, optical rotary encoder (ALPS 18 steps).

Power requirements:
200-240VAC 50/60Hz, 79 watts – 0,5w standby power consumption Energy Star & EU specs

44,5 cm W by 12,5 cm H by 39,5 cm D
56,5 cm W by 24 cm H by 52,5 cm D (shipping)

39 lbs. (18 kg) Net; 52 lbs. (24 kg) Shipping.

Recommendation tube:
6922, superior thermionic valves, “Balanced triodes and matched pair”

Max Output Power:
1KHz, THD=1%, All channels driven. Per channel.
Pr: 2 Ω 180Wrms / Pr: 4 Ω 250Wrms / Pr: 8 Ω  200Wrms

These pre-specifications are subject be changed without notice.
EXTRAUDIO, BV The Netherlands


Extraudio’s six power supply sources are specially designed to work with audio signals and have been calculated for audio frequency response.
Extraudio power supplies regulated and non-regulated, low noise and high voltage supplies for audio input stages.
Power supply Audio grade capacitor “Elna and Mundorf”
Automatic 60 seconds warm-up/brown-out mute, controlled by microcontroller.
Extraudio Premium TR-CORE Transformer 79VA
The Extraudio transformer was designed and built without compromising reliability. It ensures: low radiation, low mechanical vibration, high quality cabling, sand core and no hum, especially for low audio signals.
Extraudio high performance transformers for the conversion of low frequency audio signals unbalanced to balanced and in reverse.


Extraudio chassis are strong and long-lasting and work as a precise technical solution designed to protect and enhance our real sound.
The chassis is a kind of safe box in which, we keep our electronic plaques and eliminate the external interferences and vibrations. The upper parts were built thicker in order to void vibrations and provide with much better interference avoidance. The aluminum used in its building is that of the best aeronautical quality which results in firmness and conductivity.

Premium finishes:
Polished by hand, Double layer of nikel or titanium on the front and back, Cover top and sides, two layers
of copper, And finally all the parts protected against traces and oxidation with 2 layers of varnish, applied in a pressurized


All the electronic components and pieces are assembled by hand in Europe by fully qualified personnel.
6922, superior thermionic valves, “Balanced triodes and matched pair”
Premium versions special audio grade capacitor paper in oil and 2% gold and silver and superior audio valves
Special relay for low audio signals.
Premium fuses gold or rhodium for audio applications.
Premium Elna, Aluminum electrolytic capacitors for audio applications.
Premium Alps motor potentiometer for volume control.
Premium Alps rotary encoder.
Gold-plated RCA input.
Internal ground lift switch.
Heavy-duty pure copper-plated speaker terminals WBT.
Special fuse for audio signal, Copper Caps with direct rhodium plating.
Premium audio grade capacitors, silver, gold 2% and paper in oil, “matched pair”

Ultra fine adjustment of valve polarization, performed by hand, adjustment of the tolerances of electronic components one by one, for perfect stereo sensation.