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We are a boutique high-end audio product design and development company located in Amsterdam and Leidschendam, The Netherlands, since 2008.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of absolute sound in our class of amplification, which we have named “AD class,” with our own EPAM amplifier modules. These are a blend of classic and new technologies, as the discovery is in the pairing.

In 2008, we asked ourselves several questions: can we create a new class of power amplification that is faithful in reproduction, high power, more electrically efficient, does not lose quality, and does not generate high temperatures? Can we create a green brand in high-end audio, be committed to the environment, and offer real audio value in our creations? Can we push the established boundaries of electronics with electro-ionic valves, transistors, and more?

The answer was yes, the Extraudio™ products.

Extraudio products are unique and exclusive, handmade, durable, and beautiful works of art for audiophiles. Our amplifiers combine vacuum tubes with solid-state transistors, as we do not advocate any particular technology but prefer an alchemical blend of both to achieve our goal: extremely high-fidelity reproduction and completely flat frequency response down to 1 MHz.

Our product line consists of analog and digital sources, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, turntable preamplifiers, DACs, modules, and accessories, as well as 3 lines of handmade cables, the Extraudio Artisan cables. Additionally, we are constantly working on research to create even more efficient and intelligent products in the future.

We are passionate about analog sound and the sound of live music; we are obsessed with quality and attention to detail in our products; we care about the beauty and purity of music reproduction. Above all, we do not make the same mistake as other manufacturers whose products focus on aesthetic, scientific/technological, and economic considerations, leaving aside what is truly important: the music and the end user, the music lover or audiophile.

Design, research and development, ease of functionality and careful craftsmanship combine to allow us to create unique and exclusive high-end audio products that preserve the music.

Extraudio was born as a logical result of our devotion to music and our professional experience as specialists in professional audio, video, and broadcasting. It is also the result of more than 14 years of research and development dedicated to achieving a product that until now was not on the market.

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of engineers, programmers, musicians, industrial designers, and audiophiles who have worked together to create the Extraudio experience, which goes far beyond the boundaries of high-end audio.

We have been working with thermionic valves since the 80s. We have repaired, distributed, and imported high-end audio products; we have broadcasted major musical events; we have created professional recording, radio, TV, and video studios. We have also managed to revive the memory of those musical notes, sounds, sensations, instruments, and voices buried in our auditory memory, managing to remember them again with Extraudio products.

This is what drove us to create the philosophy that underlies all our brand’s products: “Extraudio; authentic, honest, and sincere sound.”

We have created beautifully minimalist, highly efficient products designed without compromise or cutting corners on cost or electronics. They are manufactured in short runs to pay attention to every detail and avoid planned obsolescence.

We ensure that not a single nuance or detail of the musical compositions is lost and that the listener can perceive the full reality and all the sensations, subtleties, and micro dynamics of the recorded music, as well as the correct timbre of all instruments. The amplification products seamlessly reproduce large orchestral masses with no lack of energy and flat frequency response.

“Extraudio; what is in the original recording is what you hear.”

The exterior or industrial design is inspired by Mr. Dieter Rams, a key figure in the renaissance of German Functionalism design and rationalism.

Mr. Dieter Rams’s 10 design principles for a product (Germany):

  1. It is innovative
  2. Provides utility
  3. Is aesthetic
  4. An understandable product
  5. It is discreet
  6. It is honest
  7. It has an anachronistically enduring value
  8. Thoroughly conceived down to the last detail
  9. It respects the environment
  10. It is design as its absolute minimal expression

So, it is worth noting that our design is very much in line with Mr. Rams and his famous paradigm “Less but better execution.”

Extraudio™ is a registered trademark – All rights reserved – Netherlands.

Extraudio products are both unique and exclusive, hand-made and long-lasting, beautiful works of art for audiophiles.

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  • info@extraudio.com


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