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Featuring a Patented Copper and Graphite Blend

“The best possible cable would be the absence of cable”

The unique blend of copper and graphite in our Extraudio cables delivers a distinctive and refined tonality, with controlled bass and exceptional smoothness in the midrange, without affecting the highs. At Extraudio, our cables don’t alter or add anything to the sound. We believe a good cable should disappear to allow the sound of the devices to express itself without limitations.
Unfortunately, many audio cables are used to compensate for unbalanced systems. While these cables may seem like an easy fix, they actually only mask defects or equalize the audio system. Instead of investing in equalizer cables, we recommend allocating resources to products that truly enhance sound quality.
Extraudio cables are honest and respectful of the sound, maintaining the fidelity of high-end audio equipment. It’s essential to listen to music without cable interference. If cables impact the sound, we’ll never achieve a perfect balance in the system.
With Extraudio cables, you can fully enjoy your audio system. If your equipment is of high quality, the listening experience will be exceptional, and any defects can be easily identified and corrected.
Our cables aren’t just simple connections; they’re a comprehensive solution that reveals the true musical quality of your sound system. To further enhance our cable line, we’ve implemented an advanced cryogenic treatment, specifically developed in the Netherlands for audio cables and connectors. This computer-controlled process involves gradual cooling from room temperature to the point of liquid nitrogen (-195 °C), ensuring a natural and organic sound.
Discover a new musical dimension with Extraudio products.

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Extraudio products are both unique and exclusive, hand-made and long-lasting, beautiful works of art for audiophiles.

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