Warranty conditions

  1. Extraudio warranty its products for a period of two years and covers defects in material and manufacture.
  2. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase from an authorized dealer and is subject to the following terms and conditions.
  3. The buyer must register the product within 30 days of the original purchase in order to register and activate the warranty. The registration can be done at the following Extraudio web page: Link
  4. The client must be in possession of the original invoice so that it can be authenticated in the case of any claim under warranty.
  5. The Extraudio product must not be modified in any way or the warranty will be null and void. Please consult about audio valves changes.
  6. The Extraudio warranty is only valid in the country of the original purchase.
  7. The product must not be kept in a wet or humid environment nor exposed to the outdoors, water or salt water.
  8. Extraudio will not be held responsible under any circumstance for any product that has been damaged because of intentional misuse, accident, negligence, loss or any other damage caused to or by other devices despite the fact they interact with an Extraudio product.
  9. The normal warranty repair period is 1 week, the maximum warranty product repair period is 180 days once the product is received.
  10. All repairs carried out after the expiry of the warranty will be charged to the owner of the product or the dealer. The repair will be warranty for a period of ninety days on parts and labour. The client is responsible for delivering the product to the Extraudio dealer in its original packaging and with all the accessories.
  11. The client or dealer will assume all the transport costs, including taxes, involved in sending the product under warranty. Under no circumstance, Extraudio will be considered responsible for any damage caused by accident or neglect on the part of the carrier.
  12. Extraudio will return the product repaired under warranty with all transport costs, including insurance, paid. However, Extraudio will not be responsible for any tax on the repair incurred in the country of the client.
  13. Extraudio must be notified of the purchase of any of its products at the following web page Link within thirty days of the purchase. Unregistered products or products not purchased from an authorized dealer will not be covered by the warranty.
  14. The warranty is untransferable. It solely protects the original purchaser of the product “The Extraudio warranty is not transferable“.
  15. Extraudio does not warranty, in any way, the products that are purchased from any person or company that is not an authorized distributor of Extraudio, or that has their serial numbers altered or defaced, as well as second-hand market products that are not covered by the official warranty.
  16. In the event of any disagreement with the warranty, the decision of Extraudio is definitive and not subject to review.

Extraudio products are both unique and exclusive, hand-made and long-lasting, beautiful works of art for audiophiles.

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