The Extraudio™ Brand, Extraudio is a technology brand created in the Netherlands in 2008 to compete in the global high-end audio market.

Small creative boutique company. Extraudio was born as a small company of electronic innovation, engineering, and creative design thinking and above all involved in eco-manufacturing plus the energy efficiency of the products we design and produce, we are one of the few green brands in this sector, committed to the sustainability of our planet.

The Extraudio brand was born to satisfy an unmet need in the market, unique, compatible, customizable, expandable, eco-design, energy-efficient products, with lower operating temperature and less physical weight, in short, to provide the end user with a feeling of satisfaction and greater value when acquiring an Extraudio product.

Why Extraudio?

Apart from the traditional marketing channels for audio electronics products, our brand wants to enter the world audio market by providing new products and services and new ways of playing music in the future.

In order to be able to create new standards and equipment that do not yet exist today, we need to innovate and approach our potential and future end users in a different way.

Understanding the needs of musical creation and collaborating with the most advanced professionals and centers in the world of performing arts, music, and technologies related to acoustics and sound.

Part of our strategy is focused on research and collaboration in projects with universities and innovation centers.

This approach positions the Extraudio brand in the field of audiophile and professional excellence and will provide us with synergies for the creation and detection of new solutions for our future users.

Long professional experience of the members of Extraudio. The Extraudio project is made up of a total of 16 professionals of different nationalities who have worked in the past as designers, engineers, musicians, distributors, importers, and technicians.
The logical consequence of this professional experience gave us the keys to designing the brand we wanted, an honest and sincere brand committed to the environment and to sound quality, and, above all, to transmit the emotion of music.

We have discovered a market niche and the dissatisfaction of some users and ourselves when buying and using some products from high-end audio brands, and that was the motivation to embark on this path, contributing our own characteristic sound, which we cannot say that it is better or worse, but it is different and the one we like, the recipe of feeling the emotion of reality in the reproduction of recorded music, some of these are the values that guide us every day as a brand and that today is, Extraudio.

Why in Extraudio do we work in reverse?
We do not take cost into account when designing our products or economies of scale. What we do is prioritize music and we put end-users at the center of the creative process. This is our philosophy and our greatest differentiating factor.
“End-user satisfaction is the key to Extraudio’s success.”

Pictogram and the name Extraudio™. The brand name, Extraudio™, reflects our philosophy: creating “extra” products and services in the “high-end audio” market.
Extra in Latin means “outside” and we want to be outside of conventional audio, which we reinforce with our slogan “beyond the limits”. This phrase sums up the user experience when listening to our products. Our logo is inspired by the shape of the top view of our first loudspeaker design, as innovative as it is simple, reflecting our other premises; “less is more”.
The image and design of our brand and products must be consistent with this concept of simplicity.

Extraudio™ is a registered trademark – All rights reserved – The Netherlands.

Extraudio products are both unique and exclusive, hand-made and long-lasting, beautiful works of art for audiophiles.

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