High-Quality Painting, Color, and Chroming Finishes for High-End Audio Products

When it comes to high-end audio products, painting, color, and chroming finishes play a crucial role in the aesthetics and exclusivity of the product. These finishes not only enhance the visual appearance but also reflect the quality and attention to detail of each piece, which is what users expect from our brand.

Double-Quality Painting

One of the finishes we use in the Discovery and Origin lines is high-gloss, double-quality painting, which provides an elegant and sophisticated look. This painting technique is characterized by its crystal-like and flawless finish, offering a luxurious and desirable appearance. Additionally, the acrylic varnish we use is highly resistant to scratches and wear, protecting the base color from sunlight and weather conditions, ensuring that the product maintains its appearance without color alteration between series, just like the first day, for many years.

Metallic Chroming Treatment

The most exclusive and artisanal finish is used in our Reference line, which is the metallic or chemical deposition finish. These finishes are highly exclusive for containing a formulation of noble materials such as 24-carat gold, copper, nickel, titanium, and zinc-darkened graphite. The combination of these materials provides additional protection due to their unmatched hardness and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, these finishes are applied in different combinations: polished, satin, or mirror gloss, creating striking and exclusive visual effects. After the computer-controlled aerospace aluminum cutting process, it goes through the polishing and chroming area, and finally, a layer of high-gloss epoxy varnish is applied in a pressurized chamber to protect the metals from oxidation and fix the color throughout the product’s life, providing more durability to each piece.

Colors and Customization

Regarding colors, products from the Discovery and Origin lines are available in 3 neutral colors: white, silver gray, or black, all in high-gloss double quality. As a custom option, we can deliver products with the full range of RAL color catalog for a small additional cost. As manufacturers, we strive to understand and put the end user at the center of the creative process and go further by providing options that suit individual tastes and preferences. These additional colors add character and exclusivity to our designs.


In our quest for differentiation, we have included mirror gloss chromed finishes on the knobs, adding a personalized touch and distinction to our products, as well as a sense of finesse to the button touch. The Discovery line comes with chrome/silver knobs, the Origin and Reference lines in 24-carat gold, all with a very complex mirror polishing process.

In summary, Extraudio’s high-quality painting, color, and chroming finishes complete the industrial design and are a key protective element that enhances the aesthetics and minimalist beauty of our products. High-gloss painting, chroming, and a wide variety of custom colors allow users to express their visual personal style in our products while enjoying exceptional acoustic performance. These finishes reflect our commitment to craftsmanship, durability, excellence, and customer satisfaction; this is one of our recipes for differentiation and uniqueness in the world of high-end audio.

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Extraudio products are both unique and exclusive, hand-made and long-lasting, beautiful works of art for audiophiles.

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