Speaker Jumper 20cm

Cryo, connector Gold, Banana and Spade


Image for illustrative purposes; check the finishes availables with your dealer.

Extraudio Loudspeaker Jumpers, 4 units of 20cm.
(Cryogenic treatment, rhodium and carbon bananas and spades, tellurium copper, 4 wires).

However, for various reasons, bi-wiring may not always be possible. For those moments, Extraudio Bi-Wire Jumpers offer significantly improved performance compared to the common metal jumpers that come with most bi-wire-ready speakers.

The Extraudio Speaker Jumpers set includes 4 pieces of cables with a mix of graphite and pure copper, 4 Banana connectors and 4 Spade Rhodium connectors, each measuring 20 cm in length.

For other cable lengths, please consult your distributor.

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