Digital Link AES/EBU 110 Ohm

XLR to XLR, dual Extraudio ferrite core, Cryo and Three shields, mix graphite and pure cooper

Digital Link AES/EBU 110 Ohm | Extraudio

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Extraudio AES/EBU One digital audio cable 110 Ohm.
(XLR to XLR, Cryogenic treatment, three shields and ferrites)

The 110 ohm AES/EBU digital link is the perfect balanced digital connection to enhance any music or movie system. This model unlocks digital sources and reveals harmonic and spatial details with more tonal richness and dynamics.
This high-end digital cable model includes our exclusive ultra-quiet textile cover, cryogenic treatment, triple shielding, and gold-plated connectors.
Double ferrites are strategically and manually placed on the cable to minimize electromagnetic interference in this cable.
Specifications: 110 Ohms, 0.081Ω/m, capacitance 46pF/m, inductance 0.8µH/m.

For other cable lengths, please consult your distributor.

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