extraudio PH3 Phono preamp MM MC IEC

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PH3 Phono Preamp MM/MC/IEC

Internal module Phono Preamp MM/MC/IEC V3 compact and ultra quiet


Few can enjoy the way a vinyl record was recorded and retrieve that analog sound with its deep bass, nuances, microdetails, and micro dynamics, penetrating and velvety voices that remain in the analog groove of the vinyl record. That was our intention when we started designing the Phono MM/MC/IEC V3 module: how to accurately extract the analog sound in vinyl record?

In this compact Phono MM/MC/IEC V3 preamp module, we have achieved it following our motto “less is more” and dedicating hundreds of hours to electronic design and a nearly 2-year work process. This demonstrates that in high-end audio, the components that make up a product do not have to be giant or contain esoteric components to achieve and enjoy a wide, spatial, organic, true, and natural analog sound.

The secret is not in the brand of the products or their fame, but in the how. This is the alchemy of Extraudio: putting sound-focused technology at the service of the product, not creating big products or, as commonly said, “Killing flies with cannonballs.”

Our inspiration for a minimalist design comes from the great German industrial designer Mr. Dieter Rams, who said: “Less is more, but with better execution,” one of Extraudio’s mottos.

At Extraudio, we believe that music is a unique and immersive sensory experience. That’s why we have created the Phono MM/MC/IEC V3 preamp: a compact Phono MM/MC/IEC preamplifier module that achieves authentic and exceptional reproduction of the analog sound of vinyl records.

The truth of music is complex, but the complex can only be reached through the simple.
For example, this compact preamp, which is 3 times larger than its predecessor PH2, shows that the important thing is not electronic theory or mathematical perfection, but caring about letting sound pass as quickly as possible within a circuit, using the smaller components in the world to shorten the path of the audio signal, taking advantage of the best SMD technology to gain an advantage, not cost reduction, using electrolytic gold and 4 layers in our printed circuit boards, making easier the shortest, cleanest, and easiest way to make the magic of vinyl sound flow again in our senses, combining it with the best through-hole technology electronic components of NOS type, such as Styroflex capacitors or electrolytic capacitors of the highest quality designed for audio signals, classic BJT transistors working in parallel adding their gains and reducing noise, metal film resistors with 0.01% tolerance, and all electronic components matched and hand-selected one by one to create a superior stereo sensation.

Restoring the RIAA equalization curve is not an easy task: exact timing, tight tolerances, specific frequencies, and mathematical calculations come into play. But Extraudio’s approach is different, and therefore the result is also different and more satisfying.

The MM/MC/IEC V3 phono module is the most discrete option we have created but it has a great impact. We have faced the current large phono market many times and the feeling is always the same: our phono module wins. Because there is only one truth: “The important thing is not electronics or technique; the important thing is to put the demanding audiophile at the center of the creative process and achieve their satisfaction, leaving aside what technology to use or any trivial matter. The important thing is the flow and reality of music.”

Advantages of using an internal MM/MC/IEC V3 Extraudio phono preamp:
– Operation with ultra-low-noise BJT transistors in parallel, the entire preamplifier circuit biased in pure Class A, shortening the distances of external audio cables, reducing impedance and capacitance while preserving vital timing in reproducing the RIAA curve.
– Oversized power supply designed with extreme attention to preamplify the most complex musical passages. These linear power supplies have been studied to the maximum to reach a noise floor of -160 dB. Not like small external power adapters that many external phono preamps incorporate.
– High-quality electronic components with extreme tolerance up to 0.01%.

All this combined gives us an advantage in reproducing a wide stereo image on vinyl like no other phono preamp.


MM Characteristics:
– MM Gains: (35 to 55dB) 0dB, +5dB, +10dB, +15dB, +20dB.
– Input Sensitivity (MM input) 3.5mV (for full output)
– Impedance and capacitance: Fixed 47K (Standard compatible with any MM cartridge)

MC Characteristics:
– MC Gains: (55 to 80dB) x10 +20dB, x20 +26dB, x50 +34dB, x100 +40dB, x200 +46dB
– Note: In MC configuration, MM gains are added to MC gains, exceeding 84dB.
– Input Sensitivity (MC inputs) 350uV (for full output)
– Input overload level: 48mV rms
– Impedance and capacitance: Fixed 100R (Standard compatible with any MC cartridge)

General Characteristics:

– Ultra-precise RIAA curve correction +/-0.1dB.
– 5 internally selectable gains for MM and MC (total of 10 gains).
– Subsonic and ultrasonic filter (third order) without eliminating low frequencies.
– Load synthesizer circuit.
– IEC.
– Frequency response: +0, -2 dB, 20 Hz–20 kHz
– Crosstalk superior to -80dB
– Max output rms: 10V SE / 20V Balanced
– Super quiet power supply noise floor up to -150dB
– RIAA accuracy within +/- 0.1dB / 20Hz – 20kHz

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