XP5 MKII Preamplifier, vacuum tubes/pure class A

The magic of valves, designed without compromise

Image for illustrative purposes; check the finishes availables with your dealer.

Designed in the Netherlands.

Pure Class A preamp section with 6922 valves/tubes
1 Megahertz Preamp Bandwidth
4 Unbalanced RCA Inputs
1 Balanced XLR Input
Bypass Home Theater (RCA and XLR)
DUAL Outputs (RCA and XLR)
2 Trigger Output
Remote Control
Extraudio AC input filters
EMI and RF anti-interference

Why a new MKII version?

The new MKII version of the Extraudio has 21 improvements compared to the previous version MKI.
These improvements include higher sound quality thanks to an improvement in input impedance and circuit topology, which allows for greater purity, transparency, and musical scene. Additionally, silence, musicality, and instrument timbre have been improved in the reproduction of musical recordings, allowing music to flow even more.
The capacitance of the power supply has also been increased, audio tracks have been shortened to further improve audio signal passage, and the number of volume control steps has been increased (128 steps) for greater precision. Finally, the battery life of the remote control has been improved (From 2 to 9 months) thanks to firmware changes.
These improvements together allow users to enjoy the musical experience even more.

Optionally, at an extra cost, the new V3 phono preamplifier for MM/MC cartridges with 10 adjustable gains can also be installed only in these MKII versions, providing greater gain, dynamics, and much more precise and organic sound reproduction of your vinyl records.

Importance of the preamplifier:

The new XP5 is our definitive line preamplifier, the fruit of 14 years of history in research and development, and innovation.
In the XP5 we have used all our experience and knowledge, mixing old and new technologies as always, achieving a mix of both worlds creating an absolute, different and complete product.

When incorporating our XP5 line preamplifier into any high-end sound system, an immediate improvement is appreciated that convinces and surprises in seconds. The speed and reality of the restitution of the sound recording through the circuitry of the XP5 is enhanced and represented in an accurate and captivating way before us.

The XP5 line preamplifier is the ideal complement to our new XP-A1500 dual-mono power amp as the preamplifier and power amp has been created to play together perfectly.

All this together has given the result we were looking for, a direct, honest, and sincere sound; an unrivaled flat frequency response at +0db from 10Hz to 250Khz and -1db from 1Hz to 1Mhz, an unusual response in this type of product causing a totally faithful reproduction effect of the recorded music that captures our attention immediately, the result is impressive.

The XP5 line preamp packs a punch, excellent control of the bass midrange, and all the details; all this within a very high-frequency response, with incredible spatiality and total transparency. All frequencies are perfectly defined and separated from each other creating a soundstage identical to the original recording. A direct sound with perfect dynamics and pitch, true sustain and tempo of musical notes, and exceptional musicality.

Since the start of the Extraudio project, we have worked on compatibility with other brands and products, studying the different characteristics, impedances, and synergies between these products and ours. After many tests and measurements, we have found that our XP5 line preamplifier, regardless of whether it is used with our power amplifier or any other, contributes much, much more to the reproduction than other products, which lose or fail to perfectly define the music.

One of the main features of the XP5 preamplifier is that the electronics disappear and make way for the beauty of the music. The only thing left in your listening room is not your audio system, but the musicians more real and present than ever. This is a unique listening experience.

The Xp5 allows you to perceive every detail of the recording and rediscover all your favorite records, in short, enjoy music with senses.

Image for illustrative purposes; check the finishes availables with your dealer.


The line preamplifier is the key piece of an audio system, at Extraudio we firmly believe that 90% of the sound of a good system is created in the preamplifier section, also in this new preamplifier we have arranged the volume control on the output of the preamplification circuit managing to increase all the parameters, gaining in quality, gain, and silence. In the Extraudio XP5, we use a very low tolerance, airtight, dual-channel potentiometer for a great stereo feel and spatiality.


This new XP5 preamplifier uses for the first time in Extraudio an interference attenuation circuit on the audio inputs and a buffer protection circuit plus an AC input filter to block EMI and RF interference.

The inputs are connected with dedicated audio relays to a single valve gain stage configured in pure class A, so as not to lose any detail of the music and maintain absolute silence because the music is just as important as its silences.

The XP5 preamplifier features two unrestricted output gains through our new differential circuit designed with gold-contact audio relays and one balanced output at 16dB and 16V RMS and the other identical to the above but in SE or RCA 8db and 8V RMS, the two outputs work independently and therefore can be used to connect two power amplifiers or a stereo power amplifier and two subwoofers, etc.

In this new preamplifier as well, we have created a new highly filtered, stabilized, and regulated high voltage power supply and all the analog parts are powered and connected to our unique medical grade sand core transformer without oscillations, the power supply is a double dual and therefore the preamplifier circuit works in real dual monophonic.

The other sources such as digital and control are fed with another isolated transformer, achieving even more separation between the analog part and the digital control part.
For this new product, we have had to create ad-hoc electronic components because the values did not exist in the market, through our calculations we have developed electronic components adjusted to the maximum tolerance for this new preamplifier, managing to overcome barriers and achieve a unique result.

The circuitry of the new XP5 preamplifier is also very special, we have shortened the passage of the audio signal, we have worked very carefully on the stereophony and the “analog, digital and ground” grounds as one more signal, we have separated them to minimize noise.
And finally, our printed circuit boards are 4-layer and electrolytic gold plated for greater conductivity and durability, this also improves the passage of high frequencies and greater bandwidth is achieved.


As for the design and aesthetics of the XP5 preamplifier’s exterior, we maintain the Extraudio style: minimalist, timeless, and neutral, application of the layers of paint where we apply our three black, white, or gray colors Composed specifically for us with ceramic finish and finally one or two coats of the exclusive “High Gloss varnish” mixed with bi-component epoxy for hardening, which is applied in a pressurized varnishing chamber.

Extraudio equipment blends perfectly into any home, be it modern or classic in style.
In the chassis, we have applied our construction experience, based on the use of solid 6000 aeronautical aluminum panels of the highest hardness and quality. This construction provides strength and durability to the product, minimizing vibrations.
The front aesthetics of the XP5 preamplifier have been designed in a simple way. On the front panel, in addition to the power button, there are two knobs: one for volume control and one for input selection. Linked to the latter are six LEDs in the central part with their respective legends, which, when illuminated, indicate the corresponding active input. At Extraudio we think that everything else should be inside the product, controlled by our software, and not fill the exterior with banal things.

Image for illustrative purposes; check the finishes availables with your dealer.


The XP5 preamplifier includes the exclusive Extraudio remote control, conceived from a different approach, looking for the user’s comfort.

Extraudio sought to offer a device in which battery life and operating distance were its main features. Both objectives have been largely achieved.

The remote control does not have removable batteries but integrates an internal battery that only needs to be recharged with a standard USB charger.

The transmission range is 20 to 80 meters, depending on the country of use and the electromagnetic or RF interference present.

The design retains the minimalist line, the hallmark of Extraudio’s products, based on Mies Van Der Rohe’s philosophy of “less is more”.

There are only four buttons: on/off, volume up and down, and mute. The concept behind this remote control is unusual, pursuing a more efficient and ergonomic creation. We stand for functionality and form in design and not banality.


The Extraudio XP5 preamplifier represents a milestone of technology at the service of the high-end audio user, reaching up to Megahertz at the high end of the frequency spectrum. This breadth of frequency response is totally unusual and is truly a superlative added value, allowing us to perceive the true intention of the music producer or artist when they recorded their music. It transports us into an overflowing world of aural reality, with unparalleled energy and dynamics, recreating an unprecedented 3D holographic sound stage, but all without causing auditory fatigue.

You won’t stop wanting volume to turn it up and turn it up!

“Enjoy your music with Extraudio products”.

Image for illustrative purposes; check the finishes availables with your dealer.

2 Channel true dual-mono pure class A solid-state preamplifier.

Frequency Response:
10Hz to >250Khz +0dB
1Hz +0db to 1Mhz -1dB

Maximun Volts input:
(Balanced – Unbalanced)
20V rms / 10V rms

Maximun Volts Out:
(Balanced – Unbalanced)
16V rms / 8V rms

Total Harmonic Distortion:

Signal To Noise Ratio:
> -102dB

Dynamic range:
> -102dB

(Balanced – Unbalanced)
16db / 8db

Input Impedance:
(Balanced / Unbalanced)
120K / 60K Ohms


128 Volume steps.
(ALPS BLUE BEAUTY Motorized, controlled by microcontroller)

Select Input, optical rotary encoder (ALPS 18 steps)

Power requirements:
115V or 230VAC 50/60Hz, 20W – 0.5W standby

Eco-design (ErP) & Energy Star compliant standby consumption of < 0.5W

Safety approved and verified for EMC compliance

(Product W x H x D)
44 x 12 x 40 cm

(Shipping W x H x D)
66 x 66 x 37 cm

(18 kg) Product
(20 kg) Shipping


Analog inputs:
4 pair unbalanced RCA +0db
1 Pair Balanced XLR -6db
1 Processor AV +0db
(RCA and XLR connectors)

2 Outputs:
1 Pair Unbalanced RCA
1 Pair Balanced XLR

Power Control connectors:
2 Trigger IN/OUT

These pre-specifications are subject be changed without notice. EXTRAUDIO BV – 2022 (The Netherlands)

Extraudio products are both unique and exclusive, hand-made and long-lasting, beautiful works of art for audiophiles.

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