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Artisan Audio Cables «Patented copper and graphite mix»

This exclusive mix of copper and graphite gives the Extraudio cables a unique and exquisite tonality, a controlled bass, a soft mid zone, and does not touch the high frequencies, the Extraudio cables do not add or remove anything from the sound.

A good cable should disappear and let the sound of the devices express itself without restriction.

Unfortunately, many times audio cables are used to equalize unbalanced systems. These brands of cables may look very good, but the only thing they do is cover defects in the audio system.

It is much better to invest in upgrading products than in equalizer cables.

Extraudio cables are honest and true to sound, and they don’t change the timbre and spatiality of high-end audio products. It is important to be able to hear the equipment and not the cables.

If the cables introduce their sound, we will never have a piece of perfectly balanced equipment.

With the Extraudio cables, you can listen to your audio system and if your system is of quality it will sound glorious if there is a defect you can locate it and eventually correct it.

The Extraudio cables reveal the musical quality that is capable of reproducing a sound system, these cables are not only cables are one solution.

To further improve our cable line we have used a deep cryogenic treatment, developed specifically in the Netherlands for audio cables and connectors, and consists of a computer-controlled slow cooling cycle from room temperature to liquid nitrogen temperature ( -195 ° C). To achieve a natural and organic sound.

Enjoy music with the Extraudio products.

Speaker Cable One 3m | Extraudio
Speaker Cable One 3m Bi-Wiring
Speaker Cable Two 3m | Extraudio
Speaker Cable Three 3m | Extraudio
Extraudio products are both unique and exclusive, hand-made and long-lasting, beautiful works of art for audiophiles.

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