Extraudio presents the state-of-the-art model Phono One, Two and Three audio cable for vinyl enthusiasts.

Leidschendam, The Netherlands, Jul 20, 2023 — Extraudio, the most sustainable brand in high-end audio, is pleased to introduce its latest innovation: the Extraudio Phono One audio cable. Designed specifically for vinyl enthusiasts, Phono One sets a new standard in audio excellence and promises an unparalleled listening experience.

Enhancing Your Vinyl Experience:
The Extraudio Phono One, available with a generous length of 1.2 meters and RCA to RCA connectivity, is not just another audio cable; it is a masterpiece in itself. This high-end cable is based on the legacy of the renowned Extraudio Artisan RCA One audio cable, famous for its unparalleled quality in modulation cables and its neutral and organic sound.

Perfect Sound Harmony:
What sets the Phono One apart is its incorporation of four balanced internal conductors, achieving a perfect balance between neutrality and musicality. Its distinctive feature is its ability to transmit audio signals without any alteration, made possible through Extraudio’s exclusive combination of carbon core, graphite, and pure copper.

Uncompromised Protection and Purity:
The Phono One not only offers exceptional performance but also guarantees nearly perfect protection. With its triple shielding, it completely isolates the audio signal from external interference, delivering a pure, natural, and organic sound that immerses listeners in a unique auditory experience.

Designed for Turntable Enthusiasts:
Extraudio has meticulously crafted the Phono One cable with an additional silicone conductor and ground connectors specially designed for use with turntables, ensuring a perfect and uncompromising connection.

Elegance Meets Durability:
Paying attention to the finest details, Phono One features an exclusive ultra-silent textile cover that not only adds an elegant touch but also provides optimal protection for the cable. Additionally, all connectors are gold-plated, guaranteeing lossless signal transmission and exceptional durability.

Choose Extraudio for Superior Sound:
If you are seeking a superior listening experience with your vinyl records, the Extraudio Artisan Phono One audio cable is your ideal choice. This model includes our exclusive ultra-quiet textile cover and cryogenic treatment, ensuring top-tier audio quality.

For alternative cable lengths, please contact your nearest distributor.

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