Extraudio Launches the New MKII Version of Integrated Class A Pure Amplifier and Preamplifier from the Origin Product Line

Leidschendam, the Netherlands, September 15, 2023 — Extraudio, a leader in high-end audio solutions, is pleased to announce the exciting release of the MKII version of its integrated amplifier X800 and its pure Class A preamplifier XP5, both belonging to the Origin product line. These iconic devices have been enhanced to further elevate the listening experience of audio enthusiasts in their new MKII version.

Extraudio’s X800 integrated amplifier and XP5 preamplifier have been recognized worldwide for their exceptional sound quality and commitment to high-fidelity audio reproduction. The new MKII variant represents a significant evolution of these acclaimed devices, with improved features and exceptional performance.

What’s New in the MKII Version:

  • Improved Sound Clarity: The MKII version offers even greater sound clarity, allowing listeners to enjoy every detail of their favorite music.
  • Increased Power and Control: With expanded power and precise control, the X800 and XP5 MKII deliver a more immersive listening experience.
  • New Software Design: New software versions have been implemented for the remote control and function control.
  • High-Quality Components: The new MKII version incorporates even higher-quality components to ensure superior performance and exceptional durability.

Extraudio’s Ongoing Commitment to Audio Excellence and Sustainability

Extraudio has maintained a steadfast commitment to audio excellence and the fight against climate change while promoting energy efficiency. The MKII version of these devices is a testament to that commitment. Audio enthusiasts can expect an even more enriching and immersive listening experience, with even greater musicality, transparency, and a deeper three-dimensional sound sensation with the X800 and XP5 MKII from the Origin product line.

“We are excited to introduce the MKII version of our Class A pure integrated amplifier and preamplifier from the Origin product line. These devices are the result of years of research and development to deliver the best in sound quality and performance,” said [Spokesperson’s Name], spokesperson for Extraudio. “Our goal is to provide music lovers with the tools they need to experience music in its purest, most authentic form.”

The X800 and XP5 MKII devices are already available, both as new products and through the upgrade program, from authorized Extraudio dealers. For more information about these products or to place an order, please contact your dealer or, for technical inquiries, use our direct email: info@extraudio.com.

Discover the future of sound with Extraudio and take your listening experience to a whole new level with the X800 and XP5 MKII from the Origin product line.

Why a new MKII version?

The new MKII version of the Extraudio has 21 improvements compared to the previous version MKI.
These improvements include higher sound quality thanks to an improvement in input impedance and circuit topology, which allows for greater purity, transparency, and musical scene. Additionally, silence, musicality, and instrument timbre have been improved in the reproduction of musical recordings, allowing music to flow even more.
The capacitance of the power supply has also been increasedaudio tracks have been shortened to further improve audio signal passage, and the number of volume control steps has been increased (128 steps) for greater precision. Finallythe battery life of the remote control has been improved (From 2 to 9 months) thanks to firmware changes.
These improvements together allow users to enjoy the musical experience even more.

Optionally, at an extra cost
, the new V3 phono preamplifier for MM/MC cartridges with 10 adjustable gains can also be installed only in these MKII versions, providing greater gain, dynamics, and much more precise and organic sound reproduction of your vinyl records.

About Extraudio

Extraudio is a leading company in high-end audio solutions, committed to creating exceptional listening experiences and protecting the environment through sustainable practices and energy efficiency. With a focus on innovation and quality, Extraudio has earned a global reputation for its first-class audio products. We have been recognized as the standout sound system at the Munich 2023 Hifideluxe show.