The new Extraudio X800 hybrid valve integrated amplifier is designed without compromise.

The X800 integrated amplifier is possibly the most complex project Extraudio has ever done, and the most versatile product we have ever produced. Imagine the qualities of the XP5 line preamp and XP-A800 power amp combined in one box. Now add and mix your chosen parts from the XP5 and XP-A800, add the PH2 MM/MC phono preamp, and it’s all packed into a solid Origin Series chassis, and start to get a feel for the result… one of the most exciting integrated amps you’ve ever heard that will keep you buzzing for a long time with control over your speakers like you’ve never heard before.

The new X800 is our definitive integrated amplifier, the fruit of 14 years of history in research and development, and innovation.

In the X800 we have used all our experience and knowledge, mixing as always old and new technologies, achieving a mixture of both worlds creating an absolute, different and complete product.

When incorporating our X800 integrated amplifier into any high-end sound system, an immediate improvement is appreciated that convinces and surprises in seconds. The speed and the reality of the restitution of the sound recording passing through the circuits of the X800 will be enhanced and represented in a precise and captivating way before us.

All this together, has given the result we were looking for, a direct, honest, and sincere sound; an unrivaled flat frequency response, a response in this type of product is unusual, causing a totally faithful reproduction effect of the recorded music that immediately captures our attention, the result is impressive with an impressive punch. Since the start of the Extraudio project, we have worked on compatibility with other brands and products, studying the different characteristics, impedances, and synergies between these products and ours.

For the first time also in this product, we have included our new EPAM proprietary power module that amplifies 800 watts per two channels at 4 Ohms, with an energy efficiency of 85%, with a power reserve for difficult passages, for example, symphony orchestras. of classical music of 1500W peak RMS.

One of the main features of the X800 integrated amplifier is that the electronics disappear, leaving only the music. The only thing left in your listening room is not your audio system, but the musicians and their performance more present than ever. This is a unique listening experience.
Because in Extraudio, less is more…