The new product update and revision of the XP-A1500 power amplifier are now available in the MKII version.

Users of our XP-A 1500 power amplifiers have upgrade options to this new version.

As always, our priority is the sustainability of the planet and planned anti-obsolescence, that’s why we offer this upgrade program, which is giving us so many good opinions, the users of our brand come first, and also energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our brand DNA is based on the cancellation of using and throwing away products.

The product update program tries to minimize this fact so that users rediscover their Extraudio products, and continue to enjoy the latest version of our products, for a small update cost they release the product again and are granted 3 more years of warranty.

This allows users of Extraudio products to continue scaling their high-end audio systems, with our latest innovations in software, hardware, and most importantly, of course, sound quality.

Enjoy music playback with Extraudio products!