R-2R digital-to-analog converters or ladder DACs make use of a resistor network to generate an analog signal from the digital data that is presented at its inputs. This type of DACs provides a very analog and smooth sound based on the precision of the resistive elements used, which is why we use more than 600 ultra-high precision resistors with 0.01% tolerance from the Vishay Foil Resistors ® brand.

We use this bit depth to generate as smooth an analog 32-bit ladder as possible, achieving very small digital-to-analog steps for a natural, smooth, non-digital sound.

All this is controlled by 3 FPGAs or digital engines, each FPGA has been programmed for a function and communicates with the other FPGAs without burdening any of them, they are independent but work with each other, this allows us a high conversion speed without interference from other functions such as control and sample rate selection.

In addition to all this, we have managed to create proprietary software and hardware functions that make our converted DACs unique.

Proprietary Programmable Audio Oscillators.
Proprietary modular concept.
EMI and RF anti-interference AC Extraudio input filters.
Proprietary dual and quad power supplies.
Proprietary USB 2.0 power module.
Proprietary module with two inputs I2S and Bluetooth Aptx-hd, optional.
Proprietary remote control, optional.
Extraudio timeless and minimalist design.

With this product, we complete the Discovery Line and you can build your high-level audio system at a reasonable price.
Because in Extraudio, less is more…