It is a pleasure for us to announce the presentation of our brand’s products at the PremiumSound high-end audio store in Sopot, Poland. Organized by our Exclusive distributor in Poland, Firma UH Quality Audio, we will be presenting the XP5 preamplifier set and the XP-A1500 high-power amplifier, as well as a series of Extraudio Artisan Model Three cables. Without a doubt, a presentation you can’t miss!

At Extraudio, we stand out for our commitment to sound quality and excellence in the handmade construction of high-end audio equipment and sustainability in manufacturing since 2008. Through these years of experience, our customer satisfaction has confirmed the high quality of our products, services, and innovation.

The pure class A XP5 preamplifier and the XP-A1500 high-power amplifier with our new EPAM amplification modules are examples of this dedication and offer an impressive, dynamic, transparent, and fatigue-free listening experience. During the event, you will have the opportunity to hear these products in action and experience the sound quality they offer when interconnected with Extraudio’s Artisan Audio Cables.

Experience the difference!

We look forward to seeing you at PremiumSound soon for an exclusive presentation of Extraudio. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or to reserve your listening spot at the event with the official distributor of Poland.

See you soon!

Firma UH Quality Audio
Andrzej Zawadzki
Ph. +48 603987280

Best regards – Extraudio BV – The Netherlands.