Speaker Cable One 3m Bi-Wiring

Cryo, Carbon, Rhodium Tellurium copper, 8 wires

Speaker Cable One 3m Bi-Wiring

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Extraudio One Bi-wiring model includes a pair of 3-meter speaker cables.
(Cryogenic treatment., Carbon, Rhodium Tellurium copper, 8 wires)

The Speaker One bi-wired cable is an essential component for a mid to high-level music system. It delivers well-defined, extended bass power while creating a quiet interface between some of the most challenging amp and speaker combinations. Speaker One bi-wiring transfers power and nuance effortlessly thanks to its 16mm diameter single-section 8-conductor array.
The bi-wired Speaker One separates, by two pairs of cables designed one for high frequencies, and another for low frequencies (So that the speaker crossovers and impedance work separately).
The Speaker One bi-wired model includes our exclusive antimagnetic parts, Rhodium and Carbon connectors, and Cryogenic treatment.

For other cable lengths, please consult your distributor.

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