Extraudio has launched New Discovery Line by Extraudio, a new line made up of three products whose common element is their commitment to design, technology, quality, and innovation. Extraudio’s new product line consists of the X251 Solid State Integrated Amplifier, the XP3 Pure Class A Solid-State Preamplifier, and the XP-A800 Solid State Power Amplifier.

Extraudio X251 Solid-State Integrated Amplifier

Extraudio X251 Solid-State Integrated Amplifier answers the most honest quest in sound reproduction. This new modern analog solid-state integrated amplifier is modeled after the Extraudio XP3 preamplifier. With the incorporation of a new high-power EPAM amplification module, with exclusive Extraudio technology, a real, natural, fast, and absolute sound is achieved.

On the other hand, its ultra-low noise cleanliness and precise audio frequency calculation offer added value to an audio system capable of uncovering the most exquisite micro-details of recordings that other audio products are unable to express. All this, together with its spectacular design, its durability, and exclusive remote control, make up a team that follows the philosophy of “less is more”.

Power Amplifier Extraudio XP-A800

The electronics of the XP-A800 are the result of Extraudio’s commitment to the most innovative technology. Its electronic design is based on the reference XP-A1500 power amplifier, adding the revolutionary high-power and energy-efficient EPAM amplification modules, which provide a dynamic and analog sound that extends to very low frequencies.

With a careful aesthetic based on minimalism, its sophisticated construction provides solidity to the product and allows it to minimize vibrations. Power and efficiency make up a unique product, capable of reproducing any complex musical passage in all its splendor, without loss, decay or distortion. The result is a product with an exciting power of 40 Amps per channel, unrivaled control, and absolute sound at all frequencies.

Extraudio XP3 Solid-State Preamplifier

Extraudio XP3 perfectly reflects the importance of the preamplifier in an audio system. Using a very low tolerance, sealed dual-channel potentiometer, a great sense of stereo and spatiality is achieved.

The XP3 preamplifier has been created with pure class A BJT transistor stages and minimizing the passage of the audio signal to achieve a powerful sound, quickly and expressively. An organic and real sound, capable of transmitting all the emotion of the music, in which the instruments appear defined, separated, and with their exact tonality.

In addition, the XP3 and X251 offer, as an added value, the flexibility of being able to become a bypass for the Home Theater, as well as being the perfect equipment for vinyl lovers incorporating the PH-2 MM/MC phono preamp option. Its unique construction, its exquisite minimalist design, and its unique remote control are more reasons to define this preamp as a technological masterpiece for sound.

Because in Extraudio, less is moreā€¦