Few can enjoy the way a vinyl record was recorded and recover that analog sound with its deep bass, nuances and micro details, and penetrating and velvety voices, which remain in the analog imprint of the grooves of the vinyl record. That was our need when we started designing the Phono MM/MC module, how to extract the uppercase analog sound that is only inside the vinyl record?

In this compact MM/MC phono preamplifier module we’ve done it again by following our mantra “less is more”. This is proof that in high-end audio, the pieces that make up a product do not have to be gigantic or contain esoteric components to achieve and enjoy an analog, wide, spatial, natural, honest, and sincere sound.

The secret is not in the brand, but in the how. This is the alchemy of Extraudio, putting at the service of the product the technology always focused on the liberation of sound, not on creating expensive and large products, or as it is commonly said to kill flies with cannon fire.

Inspiration comes from the great German industrial designer Mr. Dieter Rams who said, “less is more, but with better execution”, another mantra at Extraudio.

Not always “small means less or simple means simple…”, it is in this miniaturized preamplifier where it is shown that what is important is not electronic theory or the perfection of mathematics, but worrying about letting pass as fast as possible within a circuit, the sound, using the world’s smallest components to shorten the path of the audio signal, leveraging the best of SMD technology for an advantage, not a cost reduction, using electrolytic gold and four layers in our printed circuit boards, facilitating the shortest, cleanest and easiest way to get the magic of vinyl sound flowing back into our senses.

Restoring the equalization of the RIAA curve is no easy task; exact times, limit tolerances, specific frequencies and mathematical calculations do come in here, but Extraudio’s approach is different and therefore the result is also different and more satisfactory.

The MM/MC phono module is the most inconspicuous option we’ve ever created, yet it packs a punch. We have faced the previous great current phono market and the feeling is always the same, our phono module wins because there is only one truth “the important thing is not the electronics, the important thing is to put the demanding audiophile user at the center of the creative process. “. achieve excellence leaving aside what technology to use or what is banal”.

In Extraudio we only care about freeing the sound so that the audiophile user can once again enjoy and achieve that romanticism by reusing their vinyl records, with this small piece of electronic art you will be able to rediscover your recordings again because let’s not forget that the audiophile hobby is to achieve the representation and real restitution of direct sound in our listening room.

Advantages of using an internal MM/MC Extraudio turntable preamplifier:

  1. Operation with ultra-low noise BJT transistors, the entire preamp circuit biased in pure class A.
  2. Shorten the distances of the external audio cables, lowering the impedance and capacitance and preserving the times that are vital in the reproduction of the RIAA curve.
  3. Oversized and ultra-carefully designed power supply to allow the most complex musical passages to be preamplified. Not like the small external electrical power supply adapters on many external phono preamps.
  4. High-quality electronic components and extreme tolerance of up to 0.01%.

“Enjoy the music with Extraudio products”